Welcome to the Northeast Florida BCA Pool League!

The League

The Northeast Florida BCA Pool League operates as a BCAPL sanctioned league. The league follows both CSI (CueSports International) Official Rules and our own Local Bylaws voted for by team captains which supersede certain CSI rules.

It is each players responsibility to be familiar with these rules:

  • Divisional Local Bylaws HERE
  • CSI Official BCAPL Rules HERE

When joining the league as a new BCAPL player an annual $20.00 membership fee is due no later then the second week of match play, then annually each January. Existing BCAPL players must submit the membership fee no later then the second week of match play starting January each year. The membership fee is paid just once per calendar year January to December. Joining more then one BCAPL is permitted for the same membership fee.

To learn all about CSI (CueSports International) click HERE

To learn all about the CSI BCA Pool League click HERE

About Us
While the Northeast Florida BCA Pool League is a competitive league, our primary interest is to get together weekly to meet friends, develop new ones, and to have fun. When you join our league you will find it easy to fit in and become part of the family. Good sportsmanship is an important characteristic of all players here.

We are always ready to welcome new teams and players and will do everything we can can to make you feel at home.

Please take a look through this site. Although substitute players may join throughout the year, new teams are only accepted before new sessions begin.

Game Formats
8 Ball: Our 8-Ball game format uses a 17 Point scoring system and is handicapped.
9 Ball: Our 9-Ball game format uses a WIN LOSS scoring system and is handicapped.
Double Jeopardy: 8 Ball and 9 Ball

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If you would like to start or join a team we would love to talk to you! Send Bobby a message HERE

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